Top Ten London Wedding Photographers

Top Ten London Wedding Photographers

Choosing your wedding photographer is undoubtedly an incredibly intimidating task. Get it wrong and you could end up with stilled, lifeless photos that may miss the essence of the day; get it right however and you have a set of frozen moments from the day that you can treasure forever. So with this in mind here we’ve put together a list of top wedding photographers within the London region.


  1. Nicola Milns Photography

Nicola Milns focus in upon providing a journalistic style wedding day shoot; the images that she produces tend to be both natural and unscripted.


  1. Peartree Pictures

Peartree Pictures (Ian South worth) are rather unique within the industry as they adopt a documentary style approach to the couple’s special day.


  1. Leslie Choucard Photography

Leslie Choucard hails from Paris and provides wedding photography services that captures and hones in on smiles, laughs, looks and embraces. To this end her photography tends to be both spontaneous and packed full of life.


  1. David Tynan

London based wedding photographer David Tynan is known within the industry for his completely fresh approach to capturing his essence of what each couple are truly about. He also have a particular talent for live action shots, capturing guests in their element and states that the very first wedding photographer he shot cemented a lifetime of love for capturing people in memorable moments.


  1. The Studio without Walls

The Studio without Walls agency in London (Adrian Neal) can be thought of as one of the most traditional of photographers on our list, however Adrian states that he focuses upon a fresh, natural approach to documenting each and very wedding he captures.


  1. Chris Giles Photography

Chris Giles states that his services focus upon being decidedly modern and he’s been referred to previously as one of the UK’s top 50 wedding photographers.


  1. Boudoir Bride – For Your Eyes Only Portrait

This entrant to our list may not technically be wedding day photography, but it could very well serve as a unique present in the run up to the big day itself.


  1. Silverton Photography

Award winning photography studied Silverton Photography is home to a huge collection of photographers (and as such sis recognised as the most popular wedding photography studio worldwide).


  1. Martin James

Martin James says that his services have an unwavering dedication to knowing the couple he is working for inside out. He gets to know what is important to the couple and how they tend to interact within on another. This approach, he states, creates a series of snapshots that truly relent the couple as they are both individually and together.


  1. Natasha Lythgoe Wedding Photography

Natasha Lythgoe has roots that firmly began within the Fine Art photography realm and the omegas that she produces tends to demonstrate this touch of elegance and style.

She’s also a private photogphy tutor, so you know that she truly knows her business, and the most up-to-date pf approaches, inside out.



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