Tips on Finding a London Wedding Photographer

Tips on Finding a London Wedding Photographer

Every successful wedding, civil or not, follows a lot of planning. After careful deciding on the big day and every small detail, there’s no doubt you would like every beautiful and special moment captured. However, the problem is finding the right London wedding photographer to suspend these special moments in time. To help find the best, here are a number of things you need to know.

Before you settle on the right photographer, you must make up your mind on your favourite style. This will help you select a unique photographer with success in that specific style to shoot every photo in your wedding.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This style captures the action, decor and people in a spontaneous or candid way and not in a posed manner. Shots could include guests at the ceremony venue trickling in, your close family members dancing around, bridesmaid laughing, among others. Such a wedding photographer makes sure no person is staring right onto the camera as the photos capture every moment as it happens. Together, every image in the documentary style will be telling a story as it happened.


Perhaps you love classic portraits such as you would find in a family album displaying images of your parents’ wedding. Portraiture includes posed shorts of family, friends, bride and groom in all sorts of backdrops. Generally, this style doesn’t offer a lot of room for spontaneity or creativity. However, there are London wedding photographers ready to go with very dramatic compositions or lots of formal poses as well as the bride and groom posing in more traditional spots.

Fine art

Although more like documentary photography, fine art is a style that gives the photographer the artistic license he or she deserves to bring in a specific style and point of view into wedding photographs. It means the shots done will reflect a certain reality, which is that of the shooter. As a result the photos are gorgeous and dramatic although they will seem to have been shot with a muted, dreamier and grainier appearance as if on film. The motion in fine art style appears very natural and usually mixes both colour and black and white.

Experience is significant

Experience is everything and finding the photographer for your dream wedding means you need a professional with enough experience in the industry. That way, every photo done will be beautiful and memorable and every single process of the special day will be full of fun and happiness as creative, relaxed and beautiful images are captured.

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