Summer Weddings in London and beyond

Summer London Wedding Photography

The wedding photography season is now well underway. I have a very busy summer ahead. I have already done a killer wedding in Spain in a beautiful place called Salamanca a 15th century hacienda which Christopher Columbus once stayed. I also have weddings in France, Spain and Ireland coming up which I’m very much looking forward to. I have also photographed a small wedding a few weeks ago at Islington town Hall which is beautiful art deco building in North London. As a London wedding photographer it is exciting finding all these new wedding venues. London is certainly blessed with so many different settings for wedding ceremonies. This weekend I have a pre-wedding and engagement shoot in Shoreditch London which is one of my favourite wedding photography locations. The diversity and colour of the area provides many photographic opportunities around every corner. I’ve done quite a few pre-wedding shoots around the East End of London and I love the fact that when I walk with my couples there are rich pickings to be discovered as we explore the area. This also provides a Perfect opportunity to meet the couples in a relaxed environment before the big day. Secondly it also gives an opportunity for the couples to get used the camera which is most people the most difficult thing for people.

I will also testing my new camera set set up as I have just purchased a new 6D as well as a 50 mm lens which I can’t wait to use. I felt like a kid at christmas waiting for the postman to deliver my new bit of kit. I have given them both a test run walking around Brighton last weekend and the results are superb. The lens is so sharp and is perfect for portraiture. The depth of field is remarkable and is a wonderful tool to have in my armour. I have been looking forward to having a dedicated 50 mm prime lens for quite some time. It really is the most perfect portraiture lens and it’s a wonderful addition to have been any photographers camera bag. Having a great camera equipment really does want you to take pictures as the difference in using average equipment is self evident when you see the comparable difference. Very much looking forward to photographing a wedding see the different feel to the offer lenses that’s I have been using.

I have also had a revamp of the website that you can see. It is always good to move with the times and not stand still. I now have a new logo which I’m very happy with and I feel fits more into the style of photography that I take. It is a constant evolution in the fast paced times that we live in and one must keep up with the Joneses. I also find that’s keeping a regular blog is a great platform to vocalise why I love the creative field of photography. I adore being a wedding photographer and it’s nice to show the world what you up to. Vocalising your thoughts and feelings gives an understanding to the creative process.


Brighton pre wedding engagement photographs


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