Hipstamatic Wedding Photography

hipstamatic wedding photographyHipstamatic Wedding Photography

Hipstamatic Wedding Photography is not often a term that strikes confidence in a potential bride and groom. The vision of a suited and booted professional wedding photographer fumbling around with an iPhone trying to capture the moments of a life time would rightfully install trepidation to any couple on their one big day. However I am quite taken with the effect that it creates. The vast array of lenses, filters and flash effects make this photographer feel like a kid in a sweet shop. The fact that it is instantaneous also acts as a handy visual device for an instant reference to show any subject the look and feel you are trying to create. Especially here at David Tynan Wedding Photography where all things retro are a must.

In short this old school camera is the style which i try to create in most of my shoots as I am sure you can see looking at the work on my site that is all too evident. Without a shadow of a doubt this kind of Photography is the current flavour of the month in the ever evolving world of wedding photography and so may it continue as I for one believe that it is a timeless look. From young to old from hipsters to old mods and rockers it creates a sense of nostalgia to more simpler times than current modern living. Some of the effects created from the looks that imitate old school film stock are breath taking and you would be hard pressed to be able to spot the difference with an old format square camera. So if you ever see me fumbling around with a smart phone at an important time of your wedding day then rest assured I am not sending a cheeky text but actually creating a killer shot with a killer app… long live Hipstamatic!


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