Madingley Hall Cambridge Wedding Photography

Welcome to a sneak peek of the wedding photography of Jane and Malin at Madingley Hall in Cambridge. The moment that I first met Jane and Malin I knew that this day would be very special, from the very first occasion I met them they had a very clear vision of how they visualised the day with meticulous planning in minute detail. The wedding photography especially was a big feature in how this bride and groom saw there day.This stunning sixteenth century building became the backdrop to a glorious sunny day recently. Guests from wide and afar congregated to celebrate the union of these wonderful couple. Malin is originally from Sri Lanka so a kaleidoscope of colour was brought to the proceedings from the traditional vibrant Saris that the women wore with style. Jane and Malin who I met in London for there pre wedding Photography a few months back have hired a traditional Sri Lankan band which I have been assured will be a visual feast. I am told that the dancing will start in the afternoon and will not cease until the early hours so I will have to make sure that I have my dancing shoes on! There will be two ceremonies on the day a traditional British ceremony as well as a Sri Lankan version. I am very much looking forward to seeing the cultural differences. The melting pot of different cultures coming together for this traditional union should make it a day to remember.

Madingley Hall Cambridge Wedding Photography


Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography

It is always a pleasure meeting new couples for the first time. Welcome to the Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography of Adam and Sarah. You are never 100% percent sure if you are going to click as there are no guarantees to whom you might meet in life. There were no such concerns meeting Sarah & Adam who within minutes in each others company we were in a state of laughter. This was the norm for the next hour or so where we very casually wandered around Regents park for their pre wedding engagement shoot.

This is a wonderful natural space in the middle of the heartland of central London. The location sings in such a perfect variety of ways giving countless Photographic opportunities with many backdrops waiting to be discovered. I really adore Regents Park and it was a pleasure to photograph a space that has such wide scope – a photographers dream around every corner. Sarah and Adam will be getting married later on in the year in there home town of Sheffield. It was a tug of war whether to have the wedding in there native location of London as it is where many of there friends and family reside. However the Northern roots swayed the verdict. Hope you adore the photography guys, I can’t wait to shoot your big day soon…
Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography Regents Park Pre wedding Engagement photography


Tips on Finding a London Wedding Photographer

Every successful wedding, civil or not, follows a lot of planning. After careful deciding on the big day and every small detail, there’s no doubt you would like every beautiful and special moment captured. However, the problem is finding the right London wedding photographer to suspend these special moments in time. To help find the best, here are a number of things you need to know.

Before you settle on the right photographer, you must make up your mind on your favourite style. This will help you select a unique photographer with success in that specific style to shoot every photo in your wedding.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This style captures the action, decor and people in a spontaneous or candid way and not in a posed manner. Shots could include guests at the ceremony venue trickling in, your close family members dancing around, bridesmaid laughing, among others. Such a wedding photographer makes sure no person is staring right onto the camera as the photos capture every moment as it happens. Together, every image in the documentary style will be telling a story as it happened.


Perhaps you love classic portraits such as you would find in a family album displaying images of your parents’ wedding. Portraiture includes posed shorts of family, friends, bride and groom in all sorts of backdrops. Generally, this style doesn’t offer a lot of room for spontaneity or creativity. However, there are London wedding photographers ready to go with very dramatic compositions or lots of formal poses as well as the bride and groom posing in more traditional spots.

Fine art

Although more like documentary photography, fine art is a style that gives the photographer the artistic license he or she deserves to bring in a specific style and point of view into wedding photographs. It means the shots done will reflect a certain reality, which is that of the shooter. As a result the photos are gorgeous and dramatic although they will seem to have been shot with a muted, dreamier and grainier appearance as if on film. The motion in fine art style appears very natural and usually mixes both colour and black and white.

Experience is significant

Experience is everything and finding the photographer for your dream wedding means you need a professional with enough experience in the industry. That way, every photo done will be beautiful and memorable and every single process of the special day will be full of fun and happiness as creative, relaxed and beautiful images are captured.

David Tynan Wedding Photography

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Five Beautiful London Wedding Venues for Every Kind of Couple

Following the dress there can be few as important a decision for the Bride and Groom to be than the venue. However if you’re opting to marry in London then this decision can quickly turn into one that overwhelms you with choice. For this reason I wanted to put together a list of five varying London wedding venues, with each catering to differing tastes and wedding types.

  1. The Queen’s House, Romney Road, London SE10 9NF Romnet house london weding


This venue truly makes for one of the most imposing options for the Bride and Groom who are opting for opulence. Hailing from the 17th century this is a venue that can provide for anything up to 150 standing guests for your reaction, with 120 dinning for the wedding breakfast.

Ideal for: Couples looking for an elegant, traditional wedding with all of the trims.

Wedding photography pro tip: Whilst this venue may make for the classic venue, the wedding photography needn’t be stuffy or stilted. In fact such venues very often lend themselves towards dramatic, sweeping shots, as well as live action shots that capture you and your guests’ natural interactions.

  1. Tudor Barn Eltham, Well Hall Pleasuance, Well Hall Road, Eltham, London, South East London, SE9 6SZ tudor barn eltham

This Tudor venue boasts a rare balance of countryside charm whilst being just twenty minutes outside of London city centre. As well as the beautiful barn that you see featured here, there are also options for marquee receptions and/or wedding breakfasts.

This venue can comfortable accommodate the largest of guest lists, where even 400+ may be in attendance.

Ideal for: Couples opting for a wedding that has a touch of countrywide vintage.

Wedding photography pro tip: As with many venues Tudor Barn Eltham boasts many varying buildings and outside areas; as such it is vital that your wedding photographer either visits beforehand to appreciate where there may be unique shots to capture, or already has first-hand knowledge of the venue.

  1. Le Gothique, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, South West London, London, South West London, SW18 3SX Five Beautiful London Wedding Venues for Every Kind of Couple

This beautiful castle is situated in South West London and makes for a venue that can easily caters for guest lists of up to 700, with talented chefs who provide the most delicious of French cuisine.

They offer a complete package that can include florists and reception entertainment, as well as the option of hiring their own in-house Rolls Royce.

Ideal for: Castle venues are ideal for couples who are looking for a unique venue that still maintains a level of formality. This particular venue makes for a perfect example of how opulence can be combined with plenty of personality.

Wedding photography pro tip: When inspecting any potential hotel venue where the bride may prepare it’s important to consider how the bedroom will lend itself to pre-ceremony shots.

  1. Sunburn London, Royal Victoria Dock, London, East London, E16 1XL Untitled4

Fancy something a little different? Then look no further than this 128 meter super yacht which is moored in the Capital’s prestigious Royal Victoria Docks. This amazing wedding venue also boasts a hotel!

Ideal for: Couples who are looking for anything but ordinary!

Wedding photography pro tip: This is one seriously unique wedding venue and one that really requires the most creative of wedding photographers to do it justice.

  1. One Canada Square, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, East London, E14 5AB Five Beautiful London Wedding Venues for Every Kind of Couple

Situated in the centre of Canary Wharf this venue caters for guest lists of anywhere between 50 to 104 seated or 80 to 250 standing. The décor here is modern with a distinctive twist of Art Deco and with opening hours until 2AM this truly makes for one slick venue where you can celebrate into the early hours.

Ideal for: Couples looking for a modern, centrally based venue that still maintains a unique sense of style

Wedding photography pro tip: Modern surrounding can be brought to life through plenty of live action shots, so be sure to check over any potential photographer’s portfolio with this in mind.


London is undoubtedly a region of drastically differing venues, with the places mentioned here only representing the very tip of the wonderfully diverse venue iceberg. I hope that this list has however given you a few starting ideas for choosing the perfect London wedding venue, and for a London Wedding photographer that is equally as adaptive to your preferences, personalities and indeed your quirks as a couple I’m here ready for a no obligation chat.


Top Ten London Wedding Photographers

Choosing your wedding photographer is undoubtedly an incredibly intimidating task. Get it wrong and you could end up with stilled, lifeless photos that may miss the essence of the day; get it right however and you have a set of frozen moments from the day that you can treasure forever. So with this in mind here we’ve put together a list of top wedding photographers within the London region.


  1. Nicola Milns Photography

Nicola Milns focus in upon providing a journalistic style wedding day shoot; the images that she produces tend to be both natural and unscripted.


  1. Peartree Pictures

Peartree Pictures (Ian South worth) are rather unique within the industry as they adopt a documentary style approach to the couple’s special day.


  1. Leslie Choucard Photography

Leslie Choucard hails from Paris and provides wedding photography services that captures and hones in on smiles, laughs, looks and embraces. To this end her photography tends to be both spontaneous and packed full of life.


  1. David Tynan

London based wedding photographer David Tynan is known within the industry for his completely fresh approach to capturing his essence of what each couple are truly about. He also have a particular talent for live action shots, capturing guests in their element and states that the very first wedding photographer he shot cemented a lifetime of love for capturing people in memorable moments.


  1. The Studio without Walls

The Studio without Walls agency in London (Adrian Neal) can be thought of as one of the most traditional of photographers on our list, however Adrian states that he focuses upon a fresh, natural approach to documenting each and very wedding he captures.


  1. Chris Giles Photography

Chris Giles states that his services focus upon being decidedly modern and he’s been referred to previously as one of the UK’s top 50 wedding photographers.


  1. Boudoir Bride – For Your Eyes Only Portrait

This entrant to our list may not technically be wedding day photography, but it could very well serve as a unique present in the run up to the big day itself.


  1. Silverton Photography

Award winning photography studied Silverton Photography is home to a huge collection of photographers (and as such sis recognised as the most popular wedding photography studio worldwide).


  1. Martin James

Martin James says that his services have an unwavering dedication to knowing the couple he is working for inside out. He gets to know what is important to the couple and how they tend to interact within on another. This approach, he states, creates a series of snapshots that truly relent the couple as they are both individually and together.


  1. Natasha Lythgoe Wedding Photography

Natasha Lythgoe has roots that firmly began within the Fine Art photography realm and the omegas that she produces tends to demonstrate this touch of elegance and style.

She’s also a private photogphy tutor, so you know that she truly knows her business, and the most up-to-date pf approaches, inside out.