Summer London Wedding Photography

The wedding photography season is now well underway. I have a very busy summer ahead. I have already done a killer wedding in Spain in a beautiful place called Salamanca a 15th century hacienda which Christopher Columbus once stayed. I also have weddings in France, Spain and Ireland coming up which I’m very much looking forward to. I have also photographed a small wedding a few weeks ago at Islington town Hall which is beautiful art deco building in North London. As a London wedding photographer it is exciting finding all these new wedding venues. London is certainly blessed with so many different settings for wedding ceremonies. This weekend I have a pre-wedding and engagement shoot in Shoreditch London which is one of my favourite wedding photography locations. The diversity and colour of the area provides many photographic opportunities around every corner. I’ve done quite a few pre-wedding shoots around the East End of London and I love the fact that when I walk with my couples there are rich pickings to be discovered as we explore the area. This also provides a Perfect opportunity to meet the couples in a relaxed environment before the big day. Secondly it also gives an opportunity for the couples to get used the camera which is most people the most difficult thing for people.

I will also testing my new camera set set up as I have just purchased a new 6D as well as a 50 mm lens which I can’t wait to use. I felt like a kid at christmas waiting for the postman to deliver my new bit of kit. I have given them both a test run walking around Brighton last weekend and the results are superb. The lens is so sharp and is perfect for portraiture. The depth of field is remarkable and is a wonderful tool to have in my armour. I have been looking forward to having a dedicated 50 mm prime lens for quite some time. It really is the most perfect portraiture lens and it’s a wonderful addition to have been any photographers camera bag. Having a great camera equipment really does want you to take pictures as the difference in using average equipment is self evident when you see the comparable difference. Very much looking forward to photographing a wedding see the different feel to the offer lenses that’s I have been using.

I have also had a revamp of the website that you can see. It is always good to move with the times and not stand still. I now have a new logo which I’m very happy with and I feel fits more into the style of photography that I take. It is a constant evolution in the fast paced times that we live in and one must keep up with the Joneses. I also find that’s keeping a regular blog is a great platform to vocalise why I love the creative field of photography. I adore being a wedding photographer and it’s nice to show the world what you up to. Vocalising your thoughts and feelings gives an understanding to the creative process.


Brighton pre wedding engagement photographs


London Wedding Photography – South Downs engagement shoot

I met George and Martha several Fridays ago on a beautiful Friday evening at the end of April. Despite the early evening sunshine there was a bitter chill in the air so we were all eager to crack on. This area of the South Downs is bizarrely named Devils Dyke after the quirkiness of the dipped natural landscape. Despite the chilling weather Martha and George were naturals in front of the camera who made it look all to easy. This location as you can see is a photographers dream and as a London Wedding Photographer nothing comes close outside the Nations capital for sheer dramatic photographs, this really is a photographers dream. This high elevation is probably the highest point in the South of England so the sweeping vistas that enveloped us on all sides led to some spectacular backdrops. It certainly makes my job a whole lot easier having a stunning blank canvas in the background.

Early Evening Wedding Photography

This time of the day is often called the golden hour for most painters and photographers, the time just before Sunset where everything starts to glisten in the falling late day sun. It is especially very complimentary to skin tones which take on a life of their own. This is by far the greatest time to photograph, suddenly the location takes on the feel of a film set and ordinary shots take on a little bit of magic dust.

Stanmer House Wedding

Martha and George will be getting married in a few weeks time at Stanmer House in Sussex on a private estate on the foot of the South Downs. This relatively new venue on the wedding circuit used to be for several decades a dilapidated country manor but in recent years a vast amount of investment has been spent turning it around into an iconic venue. I shall look forward to seeing it in the flesh in a week or two.


South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography South Downs Brighton Wedding Photography


Trash the dress

Once the dust has settled a few weeks after the wedding ceremony and once they have came back from their honeymoon I always try to arrange an opportunity to arrange an informal catch up. I love meeting my couples and this gives us a chance to share memories and laughter thinking back about the day. We can also kill several birds with one stone as we can review the edited photographs. This is often the first time that they have viewed the images in there full entirety. The sheer joy on the couples faces is a sight to behold and I sincerely wish that I could bottle that emotion of nostalgia harking back on the thrills and spills of their biggest of big days. This also gives us chance to talk about the process of how the selection of images for the wedding album works. On average my wedding books have a capacity of around 125 images. Selecting which ones to include is not the easiest of tasks and it is good to be at hand to advise.

More Photos please… Rock the Frock!

I own up I couldn’t possibly resist the opportunity of getting my camera out for one last swan song. Soooo… a new service which I have started to add to my London wedding photography portfolio is Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock which is an informal post wedding photography shoot where we take photographs in a location that is out of place in a stark contrast environment from the original wedding location. By this time there is rarely much self consciousness in front of the camera as we are no longer strangers starting on this wonderful journey together. So remember the fun isn’t over until the fat lady sings, there is always time for one last knees up so get out your glad rags and trash that dress!

Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography IMG_5401 Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography Lains Barn Oxfordshire Wedding Photography



Blurb Wedding Book
Blurb Wedding Books

Once the confetti has blown away, the champagne glasses have been drained and the honeymoon is about to begin. Here at David Tynan Wedding Photography I begin with very soon to start editing the Photographs. This is always a very exciting process for me to finally see on a big screen the images of the days ceremony. More often than not when I shoot a wedding I will capture anywhere up to 1500 – 2000 images in a day. Once you take into account that the vast majority of these images will look very similar in style and composition, people blinking or simply just not working I edit this number to the region of around 3-400. I am a great believer in style over content and most certainly less is definitely more.

Story of the day

I always believe in a narrative , showing the story of the day naturally unfolding. From the bride and groom getting prepared in the morning, the ceremony as well as the all important shots of the guests having a late night boogie, all of this shows a different chapter of the wedding day. I enjoy weaving the ebb and flow of the edit to reflect this and hopefully capturing the atmosphere and essence of the day along the way.

A few weeks after the big day I then send an online link to the couple who can see the images in their full glory. These online galleries can also be sent to friends and family as well as being responsive to being shared on social media. It is around this time that my couples choose there selection of images to be included in the bespoke Wedding book. I use a fantastic company who print the books called Blurb who go beyond the call of duty making the look and feel just right. I then personally design the look and feel of the book with full collaboration with the happy couple every step of the way sending a pdf of each draft until they are happy to sign it off before they go to print. These really are works of Art in their own right and no two are ever the same.

Above image courtesy of


Clapham Common, London Engagement Photography – Sunset Magic Hour

Richard and Pippa live a stones throw from Clapham Common, London and were very enthusiastic in having their pre wedding engagement photography in a space that is special to them both. Richard and Pippa will be getting married later on this year in a place called Glenridding in the Northern part of the Lake District. The hotel which will be the main venue after the church based service is called The Inn on the Lake which overlooks Ullswater lake. Pippa originates from this part of the North West so there was not a moments hesitation in deciding where the wedding location would be held.

I had never previously photographed an engagement shoot on Clapham Common and I soon wondered why I had never thought of it as a location before. I guess that this part of London is not quite as central as other London Parks so have never felt the need to travel to this part of South London.  Clapham Common has a rich scope of backdrops which jump out around every corner. The early evening light provided a wonderful opportunity to photograph in what Photographers call Golden hour. As sunset approaches and the sun gets lower magic things start happening with the light. This creates a soft diffused glow that looks magnificent on skin tones. Richard and Pippa were soon getting into the swing of things and made my job all the more easier by being game for a laugh. They both wore a splash of Red that always look fantastic in Photographs and as you can see creates a vibrant contrast with the more predominant green grass. I had a ball photographing you two guys and can’t wait to photograph you in a few months time in arguably the most beautiful part of England where you will become newlyweds.

Clapham Common Engagement Photography Clapham Common Engagement Photography Clapham Common Engagement Photography


Why I Love this Photograph

Why I love this Photograph? In short the eye contact, the babies glare from his beautiful deep blue eyes are almost hypnotic and it is difficult to avert your eyes once you meet his glare. I spend a huge portion of my time as a documentary wedding photographer trying to capture these moments. This particular image was taken in the Surrey village of Hartfield of A.A. Milne fame where he wrote Winnie the Pooh. The wedding was based in the gardens of the brides parents home a mere stones throw from Pooh Bridge!

I had been scanning the garden for an interesting image, the light was starting to fade so I knew that I didn’t have long left before I either resorted to using my trusty flash which doesn’t have the same natural feel. I soon caught the attention of a man and his young baby who were sat in a quiet observance of each other. I didn’t want to startle either of them so I approached with an air of caution camera in hand waiting for the decisive moment to unveil. Looking back at the images that I took that day just before this image I shot a photograph from slightly further back which has a slightly more documentary feel to it. They then both caught my movement so once that my cover was blown I grasped the opportunity to set up the frame for this portrait that you can see. The eye contact is perfect and I instantly new that I had captured a wonderful moment. A second later and it would naturally have a different feel to the mood and atmosphere of the shot. For me right at this point there is magic dust in the air and this is why I Love being a Photographer.

Why I Love this Photograph




London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations

It is always a thrill seeking new and interesting London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations. Our nations capital offers a variety of interesting backdrops for engagement photography from the hustle and bustle of Soho, to the shimmering Thames at the Southbank as well as the numerous Summer Parks ensure that there is something for everyone… horses for courses!

Before deciding a specific location for a pre wed shoot I always like to ask the future to be Bride and Groom weather they have any particular corner of  London pre wed engagement shoot locations that is dear to their hearts. It could possibly be a place where they first met, a favourite cafe or simply one of London’s many tourist attractions. Some of my favourites that appeal to me are Regents Park, one of Londons many Royal Parks it offers a rich scope of different blank canvas’s from the impressive Queens Mary gardens with its clipped manicured lawns to its open air theatre provides a welcome stye to perform some wonder whirl photographs. Hyde Park once again another Royal Park boast a Lido, a delightful boating lake as well as the Jewell in its crown the Serpentine Gallery which as the seasons ebb and flow look different every few months apart.

London’s neon lit Soho is also a particular favourite of mine. The hustle and bustle of its daily routine provide ever changing photographic delights especially around the vibrant Chinatown and Theatre district and if you are particularly feeling energetic stretch further on to Covent Garden. The breadth of scenery is spectacular. The enjoyment of simply not having a set structure and following your instincts is very much a liberating experience creatively. Camera in hand walking around a corner to find fresh inspiration is such a thrill so break from those shackles shoot from the hip and create!

London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations London Pre Wedding Engagement shoot locations


Brighton Wedding Photographer – Brian and Amy

Amy and Brian sure put the miles in travelling time for there wedding. Being New Yorkers it was a far cry from Central Park for the changing of vows having there wedding in Hampshires New Forest where Amy originates from. There was a mixture of guests from both the states as well as closer to home which created a real buzz. As they didn’t have time for a pre wedding engagement shoot we took the unusual step of taking some intimate photographs in the midday sun a few hours before the wedding and as the ceremony location was only a stones throw away it seemed like an ideal opportunity.

The New Forest is sprinkled with some amazing backdrops which is a photographers dream. This section of the New Forest contains Redwood Trees which in some cases are several hundred years old. This Brighton Wedding Photographer was in awe of the nature that surrounded me and couldn’t wait to get started. Amy having spent her childhood in the surrounding areas took us to some more secluded spots out of the way from the many hikers and ramblers circumnavigating the criss crossed well trodden paths in the area of the Park. On a weekend it is bristling with Tourists who found the novelty of a Bride in a wedding dress too much temptation not to take a few photographs themselves…

Soon I wasn’t the only Photographer on the scene. Amy and Brian were very enthusiastic and brought some great ideas for the shoot. It is always a bonus when a bride and groom have some contribution to how the photographs will come out. After our excursion in the woods it was back to Amy’s parents house where the ceremony was held. By this time it was sweltering which created a very non traditional English weather for the happy couple to tie the knot. Happy days!

Brighton Wedding Photographer Brighton Wedding Photographer Brighton Wedding Photographer Brighton Wedding Photographer


Early Evening Wedding Photographs

Once the dust has finally settled of the daytime wedding ceremony, the ties are starting to become looser and thoughts start to turn of what will be for dinner I usually like to whisk the bride and groom away for some more intimate early evening wedding photographs. Usually on the grounds of the wedding reception this presents the opportunity for the newlyweds to take a well earned breather before the evenings festivities begin. When you have had a whole host of guests staring at you with smiling eyes all day that level of attention can become tiring so this break is often quite a relief to the couple before they waltz back in for dinner. This usually lasts for around twenty minutes and for me is the most enjoyable part of the day. This in a way is like a formal version of the pre wedding engagement shoot. I like to use this opportunity to take some more creative images where all parties feel more relaxed having had the main stressful part of the day behind them. I always encourage input and collaboration from the couple as i believe that this inclusion sparks enthusiasm that radiates in the images. These images often used for Thankyou cards after the event to the guests as well as being used for framings for the family home.

Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs Early Evening Wedding Photographs


hipstamatic wedding photographyHipstamatic Wedding Photography

Hipstamatic Wedding Photography is not often a term that strikes confidence in a potential bride and groom. The vision of a suited and booted professional wedding photographer fumbling around with an iPhone trying to capture the moments of a life time would rightfully install trepidation to any couple on their one big day. However I am quite taken with the effect that it creates. The vast array of lenses, filters and flash effects make this photographer feel like a kid in a sweet shop. The fact that it is instantaneous also acts as a handy visual device for an instant reference to show any subject the look and feel you are trying to create. Especially here at David Tynan Wedding Photography where all things retro are a must.

In short this old school camera is the style which i try to create in most of my shoots as I am sure you can see looking at the work on my site that is all too evident. Without a shadow of a doubt this kind of Photography is the current flavour of the month in the ever evolving world of wedding photography and so may it continue as I for one believe that it is a timeless look. From young to old from hipsters to old mods and rockers it creates a sense of nostalgia to more simpler times than current modern living. Some of the effects created from the looks that imitate old school film stock are breath taking and you would be hard pressed to be able to spot the difference with an old format square camera. So if you ever see me fumbling around with a smart phone at an important time of your wedding day then rest assured I am not sending a cheeky text but actually creating a killer shot with a killer app… long live Hipstamatic!


London Wedding Venue Locations
London wedding venue locations

There has never been so much choice for London wedding venue locations in our nations capital. All of these venues have different characteristics and atmospheres that will create there own special feeling on your wedding day. But which one to choose? Do you pick the traditional church hall where the convenience of being close to the ceremony venue or an eclectic space that has a wow factor of being a bit different. The choice is as wide as it is long. One thing is for certain that you will be spoilt for choice with all of the various wedding locations sprinkled in every corner of London.

Some of my personal favourites are Chiswick House which is set in West London has some remarkable gardens that are sure to make any Wedding Photography shine. It has recently had a major over haul  so except something special as it will not disappoint. Dulwich Picture Gallery the worlds first ever art gallery is nestled in South East London. It boasts views across the landscape of London that are quite simply breath taking. The venue has recently acquired a Marriage event ceremony notice and I predict that this will soon be a sought after wedding location. Stationers Hall has to be the most ideal wedding venue location in London. It is literally a stones throw away from St Pauls Cathedral so any bride or groom can have the feeling of grandeur. It has several various sized function rooms of different capacities so is flexible in what it can offer to cater for each sized party. I could quite easily add many more locations that I have crossed paths in my travels as a wedding photographer however these three are totally different from each other and I have enjoyed every ceremony that I have attended there.


London National Vintage wedding fair

London National Vintage Wedding Fair – February 15th 2014. It goes without saying the soaring success of the vintage wedding scene in recent years which has gone from strength to strength. The whole shabby chic movement has gone very much mainstream in the last few years from high street fashion to the ever evolving wedding scene. Here at David Tynan wedding photography I have been none to incorporate this look into my own style of capturing images.

I am very much looking forward to attending Sundays event in Chiswick with a further vintage wedding fair being held in Harrogate on 22nd February. The events in Manchester have been particularly well attended and have been the blueprint for the more recent shows in London. As the day progresses they perform a fashion show with various vintage fashion boutiques showing there latest collections which tend to be a highlight of the day. See you there!

London National Vintage wedding fair