How many Photographs would you take over the course of the day?

The amount of images, which I generally take over the course of the day, depends on many things, the length of the day from early morning preparation time to the evening celebrations as well as the number of guests. As a rule of thumb I usually shoot over 1000 images a day of which around 3-400 make the final edit.

Will we receive the images in high resolution?

Yes you will receive all of the images in high resolution. This is all part of the package with no hidden costs. You are free to use the images as you wish, give to family and friends, print as many as you wish… the choice is yours!

How many photographs are we allowed in the Wedding Book?

A lot of it depends on the style of design you prefer. If you prefer several images on a page then you can have more. If it is more of a minimal look you require of one image to a page then it is less. Generally around 125 images is the maximum per book.

Who decides which photographs are included into the wedding book?

You do, it is your special day after all. I am happy to offer advice should you need some input of what photographs work best.

Do you retouch or manipulate the images?

After the big day I lightly retouch any images that I think need a slight tweak. Generally this is the brightness or the contrast of an image. As you can see from the images on my website the style of photography that I photograph has a slightly Retro feel and often this is achieved by Saturating the colors a little. I use both Photoshop & Lightroom. I also present images in both Colour & Black & White.

Do you also photograph formal group shots?

Of course, I am happy to photograph as many or as little as you wish. I aim to photograph these as quickly as possible to concentrate on catching the more natural moments of the day.

What type of cameras do you use?

I use Canon professional digital cameras. I have a vast array of various lenses which perform with a minimal amount of light. I use a Canon 6D which has the capability to capture up to 20 million megapixels. I also use Flash if required although as I lover of natural light I only ever use occasionally.

What If you are ill?

The Ultimate question! I have been a photographer for nearly 20 years and have never once had a day off sick on the day of a shoot. I would have to be crawling on all fours not to be there. As a back up I also have a small network of wedding photographers who are my personal friends to fall back up on should the unlikely occasion ever arise.

When do we get to see our Photographs?

As a general rule of thumb I usually say around 2-3 weeks before you see the final edited images in their full glory. Within a few days of the wedding I am happy to send you a few images as a little teaser before receiving the rest.

How do we make a booking?

Let me know when you are getting married and fingers crossed I am available I will then email you a booking form.

Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

Travel and accommodation are both included in the price of the package. For destination weddings then the price of the flights and accommodation then these are added extras although I always book flights well in advance to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

How many Photographers will attend the wedding?

Just me! Most of the top photographers work alone and I would say that I prefer to wok alone too. If you would like a second photographer present then I am happy to provide an extra image-maker for a further £350. I also have a World class Videographer available for £1250.

Any other questions then please feel to contact me anytime should you need a London wedding Photographer that shoots weddings all over the UK as well as destination weddings.



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